Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tendersweet Tangle


What is it about you, my beautiful sweet?
Dashing through childhood on fantasy’s feet
Scattering pieces of my heart in the path
Of good-night, good-morning kiss aftermath

 Why are you in such an eager-free rush
Racing to the border of pink-gold dawn blush?
Alas, but the beckoning of life’s darling dreams
Is stronger than my murmured pathos, it seems

Where is it that you must so hurriedly race?
Pushing ever forward to that mystical place
Of sweeter tomorrows drenched with honeyed charm
While I stoop to trace your footprint still warm

What is it about you, my beautiful sweet?
I cannot dissuade the dreamer in your feet
Nor would I, for love holds even as it lets go
For my heart-strings are tangled in its afterglow

© Janet Martin

My oldest daughter had to work yesterday. 
She was gone before anyone was up 
and I missed her as we opened our gifts 
because I realized what once was is past, and what is, is slipping through my fingers 
even as I reach to touch the treasure 
of a moment...  


  1. Your beautiful poem reminded me of how quickly my kids grew up and away from my clutches. Now they have children of their own, more little treasures for me.

  2. Sue, thank-you for reminding me of that beautiful circle...:)


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