Monday, December 17, 2012

Of Retrospect and Reaching...

The sigh of a year rushes over my thought
Slipping like a tear to visages of naught

Unfolded moments are folded once more
Their visibility etched in a landscape of yore

Milky perception of all I should know
Taunts my reflection in Time’s glassy flow

Tragic indictments of haste’s foolish race
With tender enlightenment of love’s patient grace

Listen; can you hear it? Time’s flow does not stop
Nor the urge to keep reaching for an elusive top

The season of farewell slicks meadowland, tree
The blast of soon past haunts dawn’s tranquility

© Janet Martin 

Sunday Wordle #87: top, visibility, sigh, rushes, unfolded, tragic, listen, milky, glassy, lighten, blast, slicks

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