Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Best Gift We Can Give...

We won’t find it on their wish-list
They don’t ask for it by name
But as we shop this Christmas
We should remember it
All the same

It doesn’t look very fancy
It’s not expensive, and yet
It can be the most important thing
That all too often
We forget

Because it’s never on their wish-list
We can’t find it on a shelf
But this gift is so precious
Both for our child
And for our self

It’s nice to wrap their presents
To see them dance and smile
But Things are soon forgotten
Their pleasure lasts
But a little while

Beneath the shiny paper
Are toys and treats, books and blocks
But the thing they’ll most remember
Is something we can’t
Fit in a box

It’s a most special present
They’ll remember as long as they live
For to give them our Time
Lots and lots of our Time
Is the most priceless gift
We can ever give

© Janet Martin

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