Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snow-fall Sonnets

The winter-dawn scene is white-sheen serene
No hint of tempests that tortured night’s girth
Lambasting hollow and tall evergreen
Sweeping stray petals of fall from the earth
Now children wake with a shriek of delight
At last old man winter has ceased to snore
Flinging his blankets of snow-powder white
Into the sky with a sulk-bulky roar
As gray-umber scruff of pasture and bluff
Boast gleaming robes of gilded royalty
Glistening diamonds bedazzle the cuff
Where pauper’s ragged tatters used to be
Elements shudder then softly release
To hill and gutter sweet heavenly peace


What is so rare is a fine winter day?
Though June doth possess verdant emerald gown
December polishes November gray
Decking youth’s folly with wisdom’s white crown
Over the stubble and trouble-wrought past
Grace is bestowed, not in pewter-pitch ash
But tumbling and twirling, old man winter’s blast
Blankets dull yards in silver-studded sash
Rousing within us the slumbering child
Urging us to suavely brave the sharp chill
Dashing through unblemished field, free and wild
Pausing to touch the air, stringent and still
For sure as sure as the summer doth pass
Soon this day too is a drop in time’s glass


Firesides beckon; orange-leaping romance
Snickers and smolders; its mystic tenure
Bestowing to poets and dreamers a dance
Of flickering flame in amber allure
Outside the artist, most often despised
Paints masterpieces into the dark hush
Though oft he is cursed, berated, chastised
Still he extols Heaven’s Hand ‘neath His brush
This is the season of sleds, skates and books
Tender hiatus from dirt-dreary toil
This is the reason for cozy house-nooks
Mini vacations from work-weary spoil
Gather your loved ones and let the winds blow
This is the season; let it snow, let it snow

© Janet Martin

p-s-s-t. I'll be honest,
this is for those who did get dumped on yesterday. Once again, we are on the fringe...


  1. The rhyme, the imagery... this is truly wonderful! The photos are amazing as well. What a way to end the year with an excellent poem!


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