Sunday, December 30, 2012

Squandering Second Thoughts


As softly I wander back over the year
I squander sweet second thoughts on you, dearest dear
Time’s subtle purloining seals each moment-gasp
Yet it cannot steal the fond memories I clasp

Here where the cold wind moans blue in the dark
I held your hand as we strolled through the park
I hold you still though the summer has fled
And all that remains is its song in my head

Down by the woodlot stark skeletal limbs
Reach for the echo of verdant midnight hymns
But all they can muster of their fallen grace
Are winter’s stiff bluster and a tear on my face

The gathering shadow cannot snuff your sigh
Though eve snuffs the daylight and dawn snuffs the night
And though Time’s purloining seals years in its clutch
It cannot steal the thought of you from my touch

© Janet Martin

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