Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Song of Praise

Come, join our song and celebrate
This tent wherein we dwell
Will pass away, yet hope remains
Beyond Time’s transient swell
For He who came to Bethlehem
In form of helpless flesh
Has conquered sin’s dark diadem
With Truth and Righteousness

Come join, our song of hope and joy
Though groaning ages roll
With mortal life and death’s alloy
Immortal is the soul
And for this soul that never dies
A tender Offering came
Wee babe in Bethlehem

Come join our song, for grace and love
Redeems the sinner’s guilt
To be a Lamb’s blood split
For none are righteous, no, not one
But now, only by Him
Our sinful state is reconciled
Through Christ of Bethlehem

Come join our song, we cannot cease
His praise, Jesus, Jesus
In Bethlehem the Prince of Peace
Came down to earth for us
And through this travail here below
On sorrow-stricken sod
We sing His praise because we know
Soon we will be with God

© Janet Martin

Merry Christmas to all and may His Reason fill our season and beyond.

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