Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Ways of a Poem...(to poets the wide world over)

Your British eyes smile, blue
Across the sea
Poems scale mile-barriers

I hear your whisper
From the turquoise south
Your poem melts like summer
In December's mouth

Even in the dark
Thought cannot lose its way
Poems drifts like a spark
To ports far, far away

Ah, Spanish matador
Red capes cannot shield
The thrust of a poem
In its passion revealed

Muse, like tumbleweed
North, south, east or west
Roams ‘cross the prairie-land
Climbs Mount Everest

She traverses oceans
Dallies from the moon
While dangling a poem
From the tip of her swoon

There is no rampart
A poem cannot climb
Such is the wonder
Of rhythm and rhyme

British eyes smile, blue
Like coming home
Thought shapes her beauty
Into a poem

© Janet Martin

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  1. And the ways of a poem
    after their roam
    find a home
    on Another Porch.



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