Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December Dusk

Over cold meadow still twilight comes stealing
Over my heart steals the wisp of a sigh
Here in the lull twixt late day and first-evening
I hear the close of a year drawing nigh
Sable surrender as moments retreat
Heart-wrenching, tender and blue bittersweet

Into the abyss of thoughts grave recollection
Spectacular triumphs and failures align
Tuning the echoes of midnight reflection
Time-tempered petals falling from life’s vine
Spiraling sparkle of laughter and tears
Filling the chalice of moment-shaped years

Paramount passion and trivial trouble
Slip like dawn’s dew-drops into the thin air
What is a moment; this silver-blue bubble
Cradling allotments of joy and despair?
Here in the twilight a melody seeps
Down from cloud-gardens to earth-frigid deeps

Rising then falling, the lilt of an hour
Feathers the sod; daylight disappears
The girl is a woman, the seed is a flower
Half-breath relinquishment spills into years
My heart overflows with hellos and good-byes
Here in blue dusk of December’s demise

© Janet Martin


  1. Sad, yet hopeful! Change happens, we have to adjust our skies to it. OUR blue ;D
    Beautiful Janet :D

  2. OUR blue...yes. I love that. Thank-you Ella.


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