Friday, December 7, 2012

Rainy Night Santa Claus Parade

The rain lies heavy on the foggy street
And there are puddles where there should be snow
The chill drips, melancholy from the eaves
Unlike December days of long ago
When winter bullied through November’s gate
Ignoring numbers of its starting date

The late day weeps in cold and morbid flight
Hissing under the traffic rushing by
The fire in the hearth seems dull tonight
The smoke cowers beneath the sodden sky
Not like December’s of past centuries
Where footsteps crunched toward their destinies

The dusk is laden with December’s tears
It should be snow instead of dreary splashes
And Santa after many snowflake years
Sports an umbrella and goulashes
We huddle ‘neath store-awnings to stay dry
The slicker-clad parade goes waddling by

© Janet Martin

The Writer's Group will watch the parade first, in spite of the rain...

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