Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Beautiful Legacy...


If ever the day should come, my love
When I can no longer spell
In tender, whispered endearments
Words you love to hear me tell
If ever the pen should fall, my love
Forever to the crypt
Of memories and what once was
Before the hour slipped
Its chill fingers beneath the clasp
Of warm and vibrant touch
To snuff the laughter and the dance
From days we love so much
…and if ever the time should come, my love
That we reach the stepping-stone
From this trial-and-error-slip-and-stumble
To the great Beyond
I should covet but this;
That life and love’s sweet memory
Will comfort you and that its kiss
Will be a beautiful legacy

...and if the silence should echo with years
I pray its music will be grand
…not filled with sad, regretful tears
And cruel, harsh reprimand
Oh, when the things that are, my love
Will then no longer be
I pray that we have left behind
A beautiful legacy

© Janet Martin

My daughter works at a Long-term Care Facility. She cares for an 89 yr. old lady who has a form of dementia and almost every day she hears the same words…

I love you honey…
Do you know what love is?
Do you have a boyfriend or a husband?
Will you tell him what I used to tell mine?

'I love you for one-hundred thousand reasons

but most of all I love you because you’re mine

and because you are you…'

When Emily told me this I had to think…
If ever we grow to the point where we say the same things over and over, is this not a Beautiful Legacy?

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  1. Yes it is and so is what you have written for an echoing legacy.


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