Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December's Song

It trickles in snowflake abandon
Hovering on the frost-keen air
Gentle yet urgent its anthem
A minuet; Joy versus Despair

It wafts in white, whimsical cadence
Softening in somnolent strain
Rising rhapsody of romance
A rare, reminiscent refrain

From tree-limb’s threadbare vesture
A tender mantra of farewell
Roams through the cold, barren pasture
And moans in the stricken dell

List to the song of the season
Draped in a dazzling shawl
Over life’s reckoning reason
Sweet let its melody fall

List to the hymn of December
Hope, joy and peace falling down
Ballad of love-blended memories
As another year dons its crown

© Janet Martin


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