Saturday, December 15, 2012

Of Certainties

This little day is dawning
A gift from heaven’s throne
We know not what is spawning
Within its vast unknown

But this we know for certain
The Love that lifts night’s veil
Then draws again its curtain
Will never, never fail

We comprehend with dullness
Life’s trouble-twisted path
We cannot grasp the fullness
Of God’s love or His wrath

Yet this we know for certain
That Death is but the Door
And Time, the transient curtain
To God’s forevermore

© Janet Martin

I remember a preacher saying, when I was a child, that if we could ever see the fullness of God’s love we would never question it because it goes beyond anything our minds can comprehend. Then He said, in the same measure, if ever we would see the full wrath of a Holy God we would never seek revenge.

We all will see one or the other in eternity. This is an Immortal certainty.


  1. Such hard days. We still need to break the news to our kids. I don't know how to begin. Our son is seven. He is so happy,so excited about Christmas.
    I don't understand anything. What is happening? Where does all this evil come from?

  2. Truly hard days with no patented answers.My prayers continue. We want to shield our kids from the ugliness of it all and suddenly we can't! So we hug them, tell them we love them and God loves them even more, this is our only comfort...that these kids are safe in the arms of Jesus!Oh, how our hearts break for all the families involved! I pray with tender love,that you can find the right words...


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