Friday, December 21, 2012

If You Could Talk Would you Tell Me?

Are you lonesome tonight?
Is that a tear in your sigh?
Do you find yourself searching
for days long gone by?
Do you miss that soft evening
of silver-green grass
Where we never considered
the hours that passed
as you strummed the fair lily
and she closed her dark eyes
sweetly content
beneath your lullabies
Oh, do you wonder
where the moments have gone
as you whimper and wander
in the dark all alone
over a thoroughfare
stripped of its gold
where Time’s grand proprietor
brazen and bold
steals from beneath you
the moments that be
swept to the hollow
of sweet memory
I hear you rushing
outside my front door
invisible ocean
without form or shore
You howl at my window
just beyond my sight
Cold, roving wind
Are you lonesome tonight?

© Janet Martin

The wind is howling tonight...he sounds sort of lonely.

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