Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Soul-searching...

 I HATE how much (on some days) I see myself in this cartoon.

This season of remembering
The birth of Jesus Christ the King
When did it all begin?

This season of profuse shopping
Of gift, giving and receiving
When did it all begin?

When did this love that Jesus brought
Become a sort of seasonal thought
Instead of a lifestyle that He taught?
When did it all begin?

…this eating, drinking, let’s be merry
Deck the halls, gulp eggnog, sherry
Mistletoe and holly-berry
When did it all begin?

When did it all begin?
And why then must it cease?
Should not these things remain
Of hope and joy and peace?

And where does it begin?
Does this season impart
Its celebration
In my house or in my heart?

© Janet Martin

I began reading up on where it all began…and suddenly I saw similarities re-appearing of its pagan roman origin. It’s up to each one of us to do what we can to make Christmas more than a season…yet, I have asked this question too often and I answer it constantly ‘are you ready for Christmas?’ Yesterday someone asked me and a sort of jolt ran through me…what does it really require to be ready? My bags were laden with baking ingredients for a last minute panic-bake. God forbid we enter Christmas without cookies and other goodies right? Wrong? And all those gifts really must be nicely wrapped, right? Wrong?...and all those cards and goodies to deliver MUST be done, right? Wrong? What if I really ‘did Christmas’ all year through...?

Am I ready for Christmas?
Am I? Will I be
Ready to meet Jesus
Bowing humbly, reverently

What have I done to prepare?
Have I swept out a little space
Arranging the Nativity Scene
To give Christmas its pious face?

Have I let lists or Jesus
Dominate my mind?
Am I shining with hope, peace and joy
Or feeling way behind
And unprepared…for what, I ask
For a holiday; a feast?
Or for true rejoicing for the gift
Laid there by lowly beast?
Am I ready for Christmas
Or am I not even able
To give the baby Jesus
Room within the stable
Because my city is full
Of many other things
That it seems somehow
Now this season brings…?

Am I ready for Christmas?
If not, what must yet be done
To be prepared to bow and worship
Its Reason; Jesus Christ God’s Son

© Janet

Mom, are you stressed?, my daughter asked me last night and I answered, Yes! and I hate it...why? My eyes were NOT on this...


  1. I agree with you Janet, not just in this poem or season, but in most of what you have written throughout the year.

    Let's keep our eyes on the prize.

    Merry Christmas and may God bless you and keep you and your family throughout the year to come.

  2. So beautifully expressed. We do need to keep our minds on the REAL reason for the season......and not have that be a 'second thought' amidst all the commercial clutter.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Janet.


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