Sunday, December 30, 2012

This Year...


 Poetic Bloomings is eager to hear of our New Years Resolutions

(short version)

Help me Lord
To seek from above
Life’s lone measure of worth
Lord, teach me to love

(longer version)

This year I want to learn to love
Love fully, the moment unfolding from
Providence above
And to love you
Not coldly, from the outside in
But simply, in spite of myriad flaws
Because we are fellow-men

I want to slow down
And listen to the words
You do not dare to tell
But speak in hungry silences
I want to learn to listen well
Oh, I want to learn to love
Before you or I slip from this swell

This year I want to learn to love
…Love bears all things
In spite of us
It does not envy, boast
Or seek selfishly
Lord, teach me to love
Others, as you have loved me

Lord, teach me this four-letter word
With heart wide open
With vision un-blurred by
By greedy groping
What good is anything, its measure to prove
If I have never
Learned to love?

© Janet Martin

Why Me, Lord?


  1. Beautiful words to ring in the new year!

  2. Beautiful and heartfelt. Yes, let's Love Everything in 2013, kiddo.

  3. Both versions are prayers worth our praying incessantly.

    Choice pieces Janet.


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