Monday, December 17, 2012

Of Chapters Unwritten


Out on the skyline a new day softly gleams
Acquiescent out-pouring of moment-regimes
Unwritten chapters of what soon will be
Permanent pages in world-history
The Author and Finisher of Time’s lone volume
Entrusts to our finger’s life’s ephemeral plume
And thus now we splatter our laughter and tears
Obscurely they scatter from moments to years

Out on the skyline the turning of page
Sets into motion a gasp on this stage
Summer and sorrow and spring softly spill
Onto earth’s parchment from Time’s tempered quill
Beneath mercy’s promise God beholds our smears
Jots fraught with error; its plot blurred with tears
Questions and answers; then questions again
As happiness, heart-ache and hope fill our pen

Out on the skyline a new day unfolds
And nobody knows the storyline that it holds
Yet, it is not ours to decline or to flee
The moments ordained with what yet must be
Over each hand is the Hand that imparts
Grace without portion to comfort our hearts
Over and over His kind Hand bestows
Strength for each chapter in life’s moment-flows

© Janet Martin


  1. I've nominated you for a 'Very Inspirational Blogger' award. You can check out my blog to see how it works. You're certainly a worthy recipient in my opinion.

    By the way, the line 'a gasp on this stage'- amazing. What an incredible image.


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