Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Magic of Christmas

When the purple wood-smoke circles
Into five o’clock afternoon
When silver of snowflake spirals
Like sugar from heaven’s spoon
When shouts of happy children
Sparkle in the frosty air
I feel the magic of Christmas
Descend like an evening prayer

When spicy-sweet fills the kitchen
With flavors that pleasure and tease
When buttered sugar-flour creations
Bring back childhood memories
When gingerbread, shortbread, plum-pudding
Flaunt tempting, annual art
I feel the magic of Christmas
Warming the home in my heart

When dear ageless songs of the season
Thrill both the aged and youth
As carolers exalt the Reason
Of glory-child’s Christmas truth
When glitter of ribbons and paper
Covers each table and chair
I feel the magic of Christmas
Cradle the earth in a prayer

When sorrow and joy-blended beauty
Aches in the atmosphere
When we lay aside mundane duty
To revel in this season’s cheer
When all of the hurt that might hinder
We kindly and firmly release
I feel the magic of Christmas
And oh, its sweet magic is peace

I cherish the magic of Christmas
And pray it will never cease

© Janet Martin

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