Friday, December 28, 2012

Mit Jesus (a Pennsylvania Dutch Poem of Hope)

Mit Jesus bin ich imma frei
Ich brauch ke sarriah maucha
Vile Eahea is imma neagsht debai
Fa mie node tsu bedrauchta

Mit Jesus is ma goot fasargged
Eahea liebed uns vie ke anna
Un laft mit uns bis unsa Arb
In vaeg net liecht fashtanna

Mit Jesus, hut ma huffening
De veld is net unsa himmel
Des is da shtrove un ielauding
Tsu Sie fa imma un imma

© Janet Martin

Translation...  With Jesus

With Jesus we are always free
We do not need to fear or worry
Because He is always near
Our need to behold

With Jesus we are well taken care of
He loves us like no other
And walks with us to our Inheritance
In ways not easily understood

With Jesus we have hope
This world is not our heaven
This is our strife and invitation
To His forever and ever

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