Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thank-you for This...


Tim at
Vanyieck's Last Stand  nominated me for this award! Thank-you so much. I would be honored to pass it along to a few deserving bloggers.

As per the rules of accepting this award,

I must share seven facts about myself:

1. I enjoy life's simple gifts of nature above any 'thing'
2.I enjoy photographing these daily miracles
3. I am a homebody to a fault.
4. I love health and fitness
5. Of earthly blessings being a mother and wife is a gift I  thank God for daily.
6.Of earthly blessing, being a mother and wife is a gift that teaches and humbles me daily
7.I am a daughter, a sibling of nine , and saved by grace

Rule #2, pass along the award...

I would love to nominate;

Sue at Reflections of God's Glory
 Her posts are filled with wisdom and God's grace.

Kateri at Dandelion Haven
Kateri has an eye that frames His handiwork in gorgeous photos!
Every post is beautiful and inspiring.

Ella at Ella's Edge
Ella shares a myried of wonderful talent and love on her blog.
She is a special lady!

Jennifer at Poet Laundry
Jennifer's loving spirit shines in her beautiful poetic talent.

Please be sure to visit these blogs and let them know you stopped by.




  1. Congratulations, Janet!
    You certainly are an inspiration.

  2. Thank-you very much Sasha! As are you.

    Is there a Beautiful Encourager Award? If not there ought to be...for dear people like you:)

  3. That's very sweet of you :-)
    I'll keep encouraging you to submit and get published.

  4. Thank-you:) I respect you so much and I am hoping to have some time this winter to look into where I can submit a little more. My daughter's on-line course is finished at the end of January so maybe I'll have some computer time in the evenings then!(before midnight:)!

  5. Janet you so deserve this are a beacon of light in the blogger community...and your writing is truly amazing. I am always in awe of your beautiful talent when I stop by! :-)

  6. Carrie, Thank-you:)I could think of so many bloggers who deserve this among them. I appreciate your words.

  7. Congratulations Janet! You are so deserving of this. Your posts, so full of faith and encouragement, are a blessing to the blogosphere. And thank you for your nomination, what an honor to me! I'll be posting my 7 things and nominations soon.


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