Thursday, December 27, 2012

Almost...a Sonnet

Almost I feel you like it used to be
Perched on the brink of both future and past
Watching the twilight sweep over the lea
Shadows beginning to lower their masts
Almost I hear the murmur of the waves
Rushing, receding, holding, letting go
Pushing life’s moments to aerial graves
Without depleting their subaqueous flow
Almost I taste your whisper on my lips
Trembling as when I welcomed your first touch
Almost I reach with wanton fingertips
Into the sky for things hands cannot clutch
Almost I feel what once surely had been
Save for the miles and the years in between

Striving for self is grossest vanity
Time is insistent, thus I must turn loose
The wants God never intended for me
Lest they become an invisible noose
Here on the edge of morrow’s yesterday
I dare not covet what no longer is
The heart is both hunter and tenuous prey
I do not plead for one last farewell kiss
Yet, no one will suffer for me, your good-bye
Or weep wrenching tears of beautiful love
And now as twilight devours the sky
You slip from me like a hand from a glove
Forgive me, dear Lord, I am surely a fool
Beggar and king must adhere to Time’s rule

Darling, almost I feel the warmth of your sigh
Soft on my skin where time renders its mark
Somewhere the sea, like a lover’s lullaby
Croons its endearments to us through the dark
Parting is beautiful sorrow, they say
I’d choose a humbler delight in your arms
Almost I cannot relinquish this day
Though I have danced, reveling in its charms
It simply expands the missing of you
As history claims its vulnerable gasp
Almost, I cannot bear this shade of blue
Prying your silver swan-song from my grasp
Almost I hear you cajoling its sheen
Save for the ocean of moments between


Poetic Bloomings invites us to share our favorite in-form form to close out the year.
Mine is the Sonnet.

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