Friday, December 7, 2012

Poet's Soliloquy (my Writer's Group Homework Assignment)

Use these words in a story, poem or song.

Soliloquy, Hypoteneuse, Frostbite, Zugzwang,
Solecism, Jeopardy, Astronomer, Jigamirandee,
Ottoman, Gordon Lightfoot, Spot remover, Tattle tale,
Acalculia, Pseudonym, Squeegee, Chimera

I'm in a Writer's Group that meets on the first Friday of every month. (if you live near Drayton and you are a writer or wanna-be, hop on by. We have so much fun:) I missed the last meeting so you can imagine my surprise at the words in our homework assignment…(they were chosen out of a game they played)
I did mine last night, lying on the floor in front of a crackling fire just before I fell asleep. It is written accordingly…

Poet’s Soliloquy:

A pseudonym would simply cause my other self to blush,
I’ll bear this poet’s shame using my own name
Since my severe frostbite last December
Acalculia has made it hard for me to remember
So many basic facts; recovery’s hypotenuse, I guess
But it has put in jeopardy my career as poetess
So please, forgive my frequent solecism
I’m not in the mood for professional criticism
Besides, each time I pick up a pen; impossible zugzwang
I can’t seem to come up with a ‘thang’
That aint been writ; I want to quit. And what’s more
I just spilled coffee on my white skirt and the floor
I’m using spot-remover but a tattletale stain
Compels me to squeegee it again and again
While Gordon Lightfoot sings, In the Early morning Rain
Let’s face it, I’m scrubbing in vain.
Muse is a chimera, my writing is crap
I pull up the ottoman; it’s time for a nap
My son’s invention is a real dandy
It’s a help-u-to-sleep jigamirandee
So I pour myself one, with a double shot of brandy
O-o-o-! The astronomers will be happy tonight
Cause I see stars falling and I’m not even outside! 

Janet :)

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