Thursday, December 13, 2012

Discoveries of the Day...or Thursday Thoughts~

The heart is an ocean
On which tempests move
The deeper the hurt
The deeper the love


Why do we hurt those
We most dearly love
And those we love dearly hurt us?
Well, I suppose
It must be because
Pain is the flip-side of love
If we didn’t care
Then love would not hurt
Its worth would compare
To a handful of dirt
But when we love deeply
The joy it imparts
Threads itself painfully
Through the core of our hearts


The difference between pain in love
And just simply pain
Is that pain in love
Is not suffered in vain
Though it may drive us
To thoughts of despair
Love’s pain folds perfectly
Into a prayer
True love’s pain
Will not destroy
It is the rain
Before the joy


Those things we desire
Come fully equipped
With excuses and justification
While unpleasing demands
Seem oddly stripped
Of time and obligation


If pride goes before a fall
And a haughty spirit before destruction
Perhaps we all should crawl
And avoid needless attention


If we looked into the mirror
Of His Word with honesty
We would love each other
With true humility

© Janet Martin


  1. Once again your poetry helps me. Thank you, Janet.

  2. And as always,Sasha, your words encourage me. Thank-you for reading and understanding:)I so appreciate it.

  3. Truly, opening the heart to love opens to hurt too.


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