Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Etched against the cerulean sky-line
The desolate, burned-out corpses
Of stately walnut tree and stalwart pine
Mark the graves of warriors and horses

The lacy tress of emerald spire
That stroked summer’s lithesome breeze
In cannon-bursts of blood and fire
Are reduced to scorched centuries

Where have all the flowers gone
That nodded in the calm of tranquil wood?
They mark the tombs of daughters, sons
Laid to rest in pools of gifted blood

Where have all the flowers gone
That bloomed too short, before they died?
They rest within the gardens where
Humbler posies bloom with pride…

…upon the graves of heroes lost
Before conceived deliverance
To grace the tombs of freedom’s cost
Nature replies in reverence

© Janet Martin

In the movie War Horse I was struck at how swiftly
verdant beauty and tranquility was reduced to ashes and blood.

Written for: Poetic Bloomings

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