Tuesday, February 7, 2012

School Girl

Two left feet and
four eyes
inspired master-pieces
from the architects
of cruelty.

As jeers swarmed
in the September sun
she glimpsed it's tears
golden maples

June was only
nine months away
and words could not steal
Heaven unfolding
before her eyes

© Janet Martin


  1. Do you describe your own experience in these very moving pieces? Makes my heart hurt for that precious one!

    Janet, just to let you know, sometime yesterday B*logger removed all my blogs without warning. Haven't had any word from them when I placed a query. So if you're looking for my blog, no, I did not delete it. And as to its whereabouts in cyberspace, God only knows...

    But when I write that, I smile, but if He knows, that's good.

    Even though my beautiful blog has gone missing, it's still a beautiful day... and I wish you grace and joy for your journey, dear friend!

  2. Brenda, I hope blogger (and God) return your blog because I now the heartstrings that are attached. I hope you don't despair and I will keep watch...How can that happen?!

    Your optimism proves your God..
    bless you my friend.

    As for writing about myself...not all my poems are autobiographical, but having said that, many contain little pieces of me...as does this one.


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