Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Go to Sleep, Sonny

What is that sound on the ground, oh Mama?
What is that sound on the breeze?
What is that sound crying outside my window
Weeping through stark, barren trees?
What is that sound underneath my bed, Mama
Tiptoeing over the floor
What is that sound on the roof, oh Mama
And knocking on our back door?

What is the sound on the ground, dear Sonny?
What is the sound on the breeze?
What is the sound that you hear, dear Sonny
Weeping through winter’s bare trees?
I’ve heard the sound that you hear, dear Sonny
I’ve heard its soft, muffled rhyme
It’s nothing at all to fear, precious honey
It is simply the tiptoe of time

© Janet Martin~


  1. Oh my goodness, Janet, this gave me shivers...the reassurance at the end was very welcome indeed!

  2. My son has trouble sleeping right now, I wish I could still rock him and sing, but he is a few months away from turning 14:) Most of the time he just needs to come downstairs to make sure I'm still excuse for me to stay up late...and write---poetry,wink, ya-a-a-wn.

  3. Oh, I'm sorry..he's probably in the most turbulent years right now, tough to be thirteen-fourteen. Hope he feels better soon, and you get some sleep, too.

  4. Thank-you for your compassion. I remember the girls sort of going through the same thing. He says its when he starts to think that he can't sleep that it keeps him awake. It will pass.I told him not to drink any pop or energy drinks, and I think it is helping a little.We figured out that it was often on night after his sports, basket-ball or hockey, when he couldn't sleep and then we realized it was on those days that he would buy himself a drink after the game! We just figured that out on Saturday so we are hoping this might help.

    Thank-you again~

  5. 13 to 14 was very hard for me. Losing baby fat, girls, rising drug scene in the late 60's-70's. The good thing is that it all goes away. smiles...

  6. Yes like all things 'this too shall pass'....and then it will just be something else;)


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