Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Drinking in the Dawn and Mercy...

The pale day establishes itself
in a pastel ribbon on the eastern skyline
as sparse February landscapes scrawl
wooden lace etchings against the folding night.
Wakening breezes moan at a window garnished
with fresh hand-prints of yesterday’s eager toddler.
Black coffee smiles in my mouth.
Lingering against the cool glass,
I greet the coral sun
coaxing itself above the earth's charcoal edge
in golden-fingered shafts twixt the church steeple
and the ragged, pine tree-tops.
The frozen teasel salutes her ascent.
An icicle begins to weep beneath her kiss.
Hope tantalizes dawn's nostrils and
from my knees, I drink in
He tugs me to my feet
my empty cup running over
as God smiles
mercy across the earth.


my first attempt at Margo's assignment.


  1. Your poem makes me feel good. I can't believe you wrote it so quickly -- inspired, indeed. And, look at all the specific details and sensory imagery that puts me next to the speaker in the poem.
    I'm going to go get my own coffee so it can smile in my mouth [gorgeous].


  2. Thank-you:) I hope to take a more in-depth look later...duty calls.

  3. One word strikes me after reading yours: tasty. There's a tasty flavour about it! Nice.

  4. Every morning is an epiphany. My favorite line-"An icicle begins to weep beneath her kiss." And I was filled with peace to read-"as God smiles
    mercy across the earth."
    I hope to at least reflect on my moments of epiphany---I am unsure if I will take the time to write today, we will see. Thanks again for stopping by.


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