Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sometimes as the dark sky leans over the world...

Sometimes as the dark sky leans over the world
And covers the day with its bowl
 I think of you and an ocean unfurls
Somewhere deep inside my soul

Love lays its tender and torturous grip
Over the ache in my sigh
It traces an image with soft fingertips
Drawing a tear to my eye

Time cannot retract any steps that it takes
The past, an elusive sea
I’ll fill night’s hollow with wishes I make
And love’s tender melody

The wind understands as it echoes my moan
And weeps at the foot of my bed
Somehow the night is much darker alone
As lady-moon covers her head

Sometimes when the dark sky leans over the sea
And smothers the sun with its lips
I hear the thought of you coming to me
And I trace you with soft fingertips


1 comment:

  1. I like the love's tender melody...

    Your last verse is make the nature images so romantic ~


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