Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tea Time

It’s that dip in the day
When afternoon slips away
But it is not quite yet eve
When the sharp-tongued wind
Slouches low behind
Another day slowly taking leave
This is cup’o tea hour
This is ‘stop, smell the flower’
This is dream anything that you please
Tangle your thought with mine
No, I really don’t mind
The way that you whisper and tease
I’ll just close my eyes
In a brief paradise
Flavored with hot chamomile
In that dip in the day
As we slip away
And do nothing for a little while

© J~

Even if its just 5 minutes…STOP! Close your eyes
Smell the flowers, or the cookies,
 whatever it is you like to smell ;))


  1. Hello there :) Lately, my daughter and I have been hooked on chamomile tea... I made some for her this morning, and I'll probably make some for myself this evening. Can't believe I'd never tried it until about a week ago! Chad often goes to bed before me, and I'll stay up with a cup of tea and a book ~ perfect way to end the day :) Thanks for reinforcing that this is what I need to do again tonight!

  2. I love chamomile tea, also lemon-chamomile! It is so sweet that Olivia drinks tea:) We thought of you guys this morning while we were making our cinnamon toast (but I put the sugar on before the cinnamon;)and when I told Victoria it reminds me of you immediately she responded that we are having a 'best Day' breakfast. I thought that would make you smile.

    Right now I am reading Mozart's Sister by Nancy Moser. Have you read her? She is very good...esp. with a cup of tea. This was one of those 5 minute off-the-cuff writes while I drank my tea between cleaning:)

  3. Oh, that is just so sweet ~ love it! I'll have to try lemon-chamomile tea also :)

    I haven't read anything by her... yet :) Some of the best writing is done spur-of-the-moment, don't you think? Love it when I feel the flow of an idea or story just pouring out from my heart to the screen.

  4. I love your photo.....

    And the idea of tea and cookies... in that dip in the day! A lovely thought.

    (Although I'll pass on the chamomile... I prefer black tea).

  5. Megan, so true!

    Brenda, thank-you:) My first choice of beverage is black coffee, but that dehydrates rather than hydrates so I try to balance my coffee consumption with tea...any kind will do:)but Chamomile, lemon, mint, black or black licorice are my favorites.
    I think it's time to put the kettle on...


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