Tuesday, February 7, 2012

But For The Ticking Clock

But for the ticking clock
…the cloud-filtered moon
But for whispered comfort
In midnight’s rare tune
But for the murmur
Of you in my thought
The pining of moments
Instilled on my cot
But for the tempo
Of longing and love
The rising and falling
Of winds from above
But for the dreaming
And hope that it spawns
Knowing the darkest dark
Pales in the dawn
But for a pillow
And one lone starlight
It would be a cold
And a silent night…

© J~


  1. I was distracted by your photograph and that led me to the poem, which is lovely. What a great structure. I have already made note of it!


  2. Margo, I appreciate your thoughts and everything you are teaching me about writing. Thank-you for giving to the poet world so freely.


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