Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Regarding Gifts...

How I admire the artwork of others
Whether formed of paint or string
Tapestries, canvasses, pottery, sweaters
Each answers their own calling

I love to knit and paint and weave
But not with acrylic or thread
Each works with gifts that they receive
So I choose words instead

I sift through adjectives and phrases  
Searching for the perfect shade
Blending consonants and vowels
Until a little thought is made

And by the power of ink-swirled letters
Little poems and pictures form
It’s fun to gather them together
Painting solace or a storm

Some words are like cozy sweaters
Knit in a hug to the heart
Words paint all manner of pictures
Vivid airbrushed works of art

I’m glad God gifted His children
Each in their own special way
Whether with cook-books or palettes
or string or clay
With music or camera,
surf-board or pen
He gives, as befits
His gifts to men...
May we give Him our best each day

© Janet Martin

Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit. 1 Cor. 12:4


  1. Amen!
    That was quick!!! I'm astonished that my prosaic post led to this.. :-)

  2. oh! yes, my next favorite thing to writing is reading;)

    Thank-you for the inspiration. Some days I can't squeeze out a drop, on other days I can't turn it off! Now I really need to quit.

    God bless you, friend~

  3. Hi Jane!

    What a beautiful poem, indeed we all have been given a beautiful talent to share." May we give Him our best "... Amen (I say as well)

  4. Oh... I love to admire the artwork and creativity of others too!

    Aren't we blessed to have excess to such a wealth!

    What a lovely gift you share here with your poetry and life experiences. We enjoy our visits!


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