Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lost... Teddy-bear

She has the heart of a mother
to love every child the best
and if one of them has wandered away
Her heart simply cannot rest


All she wanted for Christmas that year was
a 'pople teddy-bea' ' and so we hunted until we found one
and she named him 'Purple'. That was nine years ago...
Purple is missing!
How does someone who has twenty bears miss one?
Why, the same way a mother misses a child, I am sure!
The house is plastered with 'lost' posters.
But he has not been found....yet.
We are eager to find him to see what the reward is:))

p.s. Tomorrow I must find Purple...tonight there were reals tears! she is going to be 11 in a couple of weeks but I don't think she is going to outgrow Purple for a long time!


  1. Good luck finding him! We have a stuffed puppy named 'Puppy', a very precious one, it went missing once, too. We kept searching, couldn't find him. Everyone was very sad. Then one day he just turned up under the bed. :-)

  2. Yes, this bear will turn up in some random least-expected place:) It's a good way to get into some undisturbed-for-too-long corners!


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