Monday, February 27, 2012

Like Pipe-smoke on a Sultry Summer's Eve

You weave
through my senses
I’m entranced
by your lips
as they brush
my thought
in an ethereal kiss
and memories murmur,
a spiraling blush
into the dense
warm twilight hush
like pipe-smoke
on a sultry summer's eve
your presence
softly, you weave
your way to me
over cumbersome answers
with questions never breathed,
truth cementing
fact into place
Still, I remain
touching your face
reluctant to call it a day
though moments pelt
the deepening silver-gray
like snowflakes melt
they fade away
into history’s expanding clutch
without tangible touch
Oh, it’s strange
how thought can stray
needing no map
to guide its way
across oceans
of twilight nothingness
to you...



  1. Beautifully, sensually, and thoughtfully wordled, Janet! I love the title..though I am not a fan of 'smoke,' there is definitely something about pipe smoke!

  2. This awakens the senses Janet.....beautiful writing!

  3. This is simply gorgeous, Janet. If you wrote it for your man, I hope you shared it with him. Love and sensuality flow through your words. Beautiful write.

  4. To be so in love... I also like the way the poem itself mimicked smoke flowing up or down the page.

  5. Thank-you Mary, I think there is something about a pipe that is a little worked in the poem;))

    Thank-you Carrie:)

    Brenda, Thank-you:) It is already shared;))

    Jules, thank-you for picking up on 'smoky flow':) I wanted to design the poem in a swirly pattern but when I copy and paste from word editor it all goes straight!!!


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