Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time Enough or A Housewife Rebels

Time enough for mundane dues
The sun has flung a yellow wash
Across the earth; dull avenues
Transform beneath its gilded sash
And I must leave these bland confines
Of ginger-spice and lemon soap
Of laundry-poems with endless lines
The breeze, a gentle calliope
Strums eagerly the jeweled limb
It beckons to me from the air
As nature’s azure, lilting hymn
Seeps through the window to my chair
Where Duty with austere command
Points me to pots and pans and broom
But a kind stranger tugs my hand
And lures me to earth’s grand ballroom
Where now silk threads have teased the sun
To dim her golden smile a bit
For soon another day is gone
And soon the evening star is lit
For even now the pale white ghost
Of crescent moon dangles aloft
Before the sun has thought to coast
Beneath the western skyline’s croft
Time enough for mundane dues
Today offers no repeat chance
On lengthened shadow avenues
Kind stranger, may I have this dance?

© Janet Martin

…and so we did


  1. Just lovely Janet.

    These lines:
    "But a kind stranger tugs my hand
    And lures me to earth’s grand ballroom"

    make me want to dance in the sun with you!

  2. Thank-you Violet,
    It's not Hawaii (wink), but after a lot of gray days we'll take the hour or two of sunshine at the end of a day! Tomorrow's forecast is freezing rain. when my daughter got home I told her I feel like a caged lion and I need to get outside for a bit. I baby-sit and I don't go out if the boys are 'resting' or they might hear the door and think i left;) so I waited until the kids were home and enjoyed a 'wee dance'.


Thank-you for stopping by my porch! I hope you were blessed!