Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day

 At IGWRT they ask these questions today...

What color is your morning?
What are the shapes of your day?
What are the smells of your evening?
What are the textures of your favorite piece of clothing?
What are the sounds you hear right now?
What nourishes you?
What do you see when you open your eyes and really look?

 Play by play on Leap Day unfolding...

Gray arms cleave to Mother Earth
Dawn offers a bleak embrace
As ice tears dash her frozen turf
Coffee sings amazing grace
Obliterating dull despair
In amber sunshine on my tongue
Dear daughter dangles from my chair
As she observes how ‘poem’ is done
And then she’s off in twirls and whirls
Of Sunkist orange and sock-feet glee
Thank-you God, for little girls
I inhale simplicity;
The scent of wood-smoke from the fire
The flail of axe as son splits wood
The arguments of sibling ire
Life is good, life is good
Weather man forecasts cold rain
Red flannel smiles, warm fingers touch
Chocolate cake pulled from the oven
I don’t mind the cold too much
Oom-pa-pa notes dip and dive
Piano lessons cannot wait
Oh, it’s good to be alive
‘Snow day’ mornings sure are great

© Janet Martin

I wrote this poem as the moments played out…
The kids have a 'snow day' school. 
I realized to keep up with Victoria as she flits about the house is a whole separate poem!
Matthew split the wood, started a fire, then I told him he may bake his favorite chocolate cake and we’ll have ‘leap day’ cake for supper.


  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate leap day!

    I think chocolate cake rounds it all off perfectly!

  2. Looks like a lovely snow day all around. Having that cake is a perfect way to celebrate Leap Year ~

    We have a nasty weather here but every one is out either in school or office.

  3. Thank-you all. It was a very laid back day. I have to admit it took a couple of minutes to resign myself to the idea. I had hoped to catch up on reading some of the poetry I have missed out on due to other commitments and kids needing the computer in the evenings for school work, maybe tonight if the internet co-operates. It is very finicky right now.

    thank-you all so much for your visit and words.

  4. I so enjoy the tone of gratitude and life being good that runs through this poem. You have the gift of appreciating the "little things" - the true secret of happiness. I especially love "Thank You God for little girls." I love your photo from your porch! Glorious.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful. Life in its simplicity - always a celebration!A poem of blessing and abundance. Oh, the goodness of God!

  6. I loved it! All the touches of the day played out...Beautiful photos and such wonderful blessings! :D

  7. There is a wonderful sense of serenity in your words.

  8. Your words dance:

    Dear daughter dangles from my chair
    As she observes how ‘poem’ is done
    And then she’s off in twirls and whirls
    Of Sunkist orange and sock-feet glee


Thank-you for stopping by my porch! I hope you were blessed!