Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Homemaker's Prayer

Lord, bless these walls that we call home
And may it be a place
Where love forgives what others judge
And covers it with grace
Lord, bless the feet that come and go
And if you should see fit
Oh, bring them home at eventide
To gather here a bit
Lord, keep this home within Thy care
And may it ever be
A mirrored hope of portals where
We’ll dwell eternally

© Janet Martin~

I am a stay-at-home mom...
sometimes it feels like I'm always waving to someone
or telling them not to get home too late, or 'be careful'
and always a little breath-prayer to lead them home.

Thank-you God for Your mercies.


  1. A very nice prayer ~ Thanks for sharing this

    I see that you are prolific writer...keep on shining ~

  2. Grace, thank-you for your encouragement~

  3. Very beautiful. I'm definitely getting old, soft: I'm all choked up again. I think this time the feet got me..

    Speaking of being prolific - it's incredible! It's like every time you take a breath, you exhale poetry (not sure if it was a very poetic image..) Amazing.

  4. HA, thank-you for the laughter;))and the kind words...


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