Friday, February 24, 2012

My Mother

Queen of the mending basket
And stretching a dollar
And loving ten children
Each the best

My mother
Eye of an artist
Heart of a poet
Hands of a farmer
Patience of Job

My mother
The butcher, the baker
The tireless meal-maker
The gardener, landscaper
The seamstress and quilter
The tutor and teacher,
The nurse, the maid
The most beloved
Her name is Grace~

© Janet Martin

I'm thinking about my mom today (snow-day with MUCH noise)
and I am realizing once again what an amazing mom I had as I grew up,
and wondering how she did it....often humming as she cooked supper.
She is still amazing...(almost 70) and tirelessly serving wherever there is a need.


  1. I am shedding a tear here....:)I was thinking about her this morning too!!!! Love!!!the second verse!!!Get through the day.....:)
    Jassy& Sommer went sc hool to experience a snow day there.... I'm hoping to get a lot done,Brittany isn't coming home today,

  2. Beautiful tribute to your mother... I think she sounds wonderful ~ and her name is Grace? Perfect! Have a great day Janet!

  3. She really is Grace personified:)



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