Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fantasical, Magical...Words

Words are such wonderful, magical bits
We never know where they will lead
Combined and arranged until everything fits
Into poems and stories to read

Words are divine and fantastical gems
Strung on the thread of our thought
Twirl them and swirl them and twirl them again
To see what new magic they’ve brought

Words are such pleasant, peculiar things
Their message entirely changed
By shifting their order on translucent strings
Oh, and isn’t it strange…

…how words cut their way to our innermost core
Leaving us utterly stirred
As we search, remember, seek and implore
In the humble medium…of word

© Janet Martin~

Words, words, words, oh the thrill and chill of their might
Painting invisible master-pieces on canvasses of the mind.

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