Wednesday, February 29, 2012


To teach a child morality
With no Base for its stand
Is like trying to plant a tree
On shores of shifting sand

Our eyes behold but half the tree
Though towering are its reaches
It is the Base we cannot see
Securing storm-tossed branches

The whole of moral law consists
Not only by instruction
But by a hidden measuring stick
That justifies law’s judgment

How can we teach a child of love
And yet deny its Giver?
Love has a Source man cannot prove
Without a Higher Power

How can we teach morality
Or fool-proof absolutes
And yet ignore the Deity
That gives the Law its roots?

© Janet Martin 

As I watch the wind bending the trees I marvel at their strength...
...the trunk never moves though the branches are thrashed in the gale.
And yet it is not the trunk which keeps it there. It is the part we cannot see.
The trees survival depends on the surety of the roots. If the roots are healthy and True the tree will stand.

It spawned a train of thought as I looked at my kids (snow day again) and I began to wonder how their 'roots' are developing. Will they hold fast in the storm's of life?

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  1. Such lovely words, Janet. I think we all hope our children will be rooted firmly throughout life's storms.


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