Sunday, February 12, 2012

Where Does Lost Love Go?

Where does lost love go?
Is there a resting place
For all those tender words of love
I spoke against your face?

Where does lost love go?
I have not wandered where
The tombstones read ‘here lies love lost’
In graveyards of despair

Where does lost love go?
Perhaps it tunes the moan
Of midnight’s February wind
As I listen, alone

© Janet


  1. Hi Janet, are you having the Valentine's Day's blues? I always do, every single year. Not particularly fond of this holiday. Feel better! :o)

  2. I don't really get excited by this day because I am married to a trucker. They are not home for Valentine's Days or birthdays or get the drift;-)no I'm not blue but in my 'love theme' one cannot ignore 'love lost'. It is the most painful side of love.
    Thank-you so much for caring. I hope you buy chocolate hearts or something to celebrate...a glass of wine maybe and a good book?

  3. The worst thing - I cannot even have a glass of wine on the 14th! I'm on a course of antibiotics, and really shouldn't have any alcohol. As soon as it's over though, I'm going to have a drink...or two. :-) I'm thinking a movie, maybe. I haven't watched 'Sense and Sensibility' for a while, might save it for Tuesday.

  4. Sense and Sensibility is good! Or Shop around the Corner, or You've got Mail, Casablanca, :) Enjoy it with a cup of chamomile tea or coffee!


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