Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kids These Days...or A Father's Love

while I’m talking
they start talking
although I wasn’t finished yet
Sometimes it looks
like they’re really listening
and then I realize
they haven’t heard a thing I said
what I need to tell them
is near and dear to my heart
but they don’t care
They have their minds
on their own interests
with little thought to spare
I get their attention
for a little while
and they listen dutifully.
They even nod and smile
but before they are very far away
from the wisdom I extolled
I can tell…
They’ve forgotten
most of what they were told
Yes, a Father needs patience
It is true, because
a Father loves
and that’s what love does
and I love you

© Janet Martin

Sometimes I am frustrated when I think my kids are listening (teenagers;))
Then I realize they have not heard one thing I said!
I was tempted to vent one day when a thought stopped me cold…
‘How often do I do this very thing to God?’


  1. Very nice reflections. We may not be aware of it, but our kids listen and take note of what we do and say.

    And of course we should take comfort in His words and grace ~ He listens all the time ~

  2. So true...much more is caught than taught:) I appreciate your thoughts.


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