Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Choose Words~

There is nothing romantic about numbers
Their equations, correct, concise
Austere and unwavering digits
Tallying the madness of life

This is why I choose words
There is no right or wrong
On how to weave these lines and curves
In poesy or song

Words transform an empty page
To wisdom, humor, sonnet
Fact, fantasy;  an open stage
To pour love's soul-blood on it

Its nuances original
Silk, satin, ragged, rough
Its messages subliminal
Or random ‘off-the-cuff’

They transport us from wooden chairs
To portals unexpected
Words are the glorious medium where
The dead are resurrected…

…and as we ponder o’er old ink
The bleeding of the ages
Pours into our hearts the drink
Of vagabonds and sages

This is why I choose words
For I am completely astounded
At how twenty-six letters leave hearts stirred
And utterly dumb-founded

© Janet Martin YES! Go ahead, pick up a pen
and make something beautiful.

The only time numbers have the power
to steal my breath or stop my heart
is in unexpected bills...


Thank-you for stopping by my porch! I hope you were blessed!