Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Whirl #2

I hover between yes and no
like customers contemplating a
supposed bargain.
An interview with you
is an alluring thought
but the vulnerability it suggests
arouses visions
of complete defenselessness.
Ransacked emotions
are no small matter
and to trade confidential details
while staring into eyes of beguiling charm
is sure to blur my better judgment.
Through the fog of latent desire
I hear the wind weeping in the belt
of walnut and birch trees, leaves shimmering,
silver-green stickers against shadowy back-drop
of a voice, not unlike my own whispering yes, yes, yes.



  1. I enjoyed what you did with the wordle words and have to say it definitely is dreamily romantic!

  2. Outdoors under the silver-green stickers... You've painted a lovely setting for the beguiling eyes of charm. :) This is a lovely poem, Janet.


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