Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Heaven on Earth

Heaven opened up one day and spilled against the earth
Hallowed wonder pouring from a window up above
How else can we explain the joy of a wee baby’s birth?
Holding heaven softly in our humble arms of love

Every morning with the dawn His mercy is made new
Each evening a whisper of Him paints the western sky
Embrace this moment for it is His gift to me and you
Eternity is waiting in a sweeter by and by

Violets and daffodils to herald spring’s glad day
Velvet blue to hold the moon in summer’s warm midnight
Valley, field and hillside flame in autumn’s bold array
Victory crowns the evergreen in winter’s pristine white

Is there a man who can exceed an offering such as this?
Infinite redemption fills mankind with heaven’s worth
If this is not a glimpse Heaven, tell me then, what is?
In God we trust; as heaven spills its shadow on the earth

© Janet Martin

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