Monday, February 6, 2012


You do not ask permission
Though I bolt and lock the door
Your perilous seduction
Sweeps in oceans ‘cross my floor

You spread your virile body
On my vulnerability
And without a Higher Power
You would get the best of me

How you move with subtle motive
Accommodating taste and size
Preying on my strongest weakness
As you tease and tantalize

Oh, the folly when I stumble
Oh, the bitter after-taste
For your offering of pleasure
Yields a bluff of barren waste

…and the thing perceived as fortune
Turns to ashes on my tongue
All your promises are ruin
Whether pledged to old or young

I cannot afford acquiescence
As you dangle from the vine
Splaying fruit of disguised grievance
Should I sip your tainted wine

Master of lust’s apparition
How I loathe your sleek facade
As you tempt me with a vision
Far from truth and hope and God

I could not resist your peril
Your allure; beguiling charm
But for One; not of this world
…and I lean upon His arm

© Janet Martin

1 comment:

  1. A strong write, Janet. So many of those tempted do not have the strength of conviction you do. Blessings to you and your family.

    (Did you see I succumbed to 'temptation'?) Visit my blog..and it was Saturday that I shared pictures of the little tempter brought home. Dogs are MY weakness.


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