Thursday, February 9, 2012

Best Day Ever

Let’s live our best day ever
It’s the only one we’ve got
Let’s give it back to the Giver
In every deed and thought
Let’s rejoice in each little moment
And not let it fritter away
With pining and fretting and torment
Over fear of ‘come what may’

Let’s live our best day ever
Drink in the morning sun
Or if the sky is a river
Let’s thank God for mercy shown
Without debating and doubt

Let’s live our best day ever
Yesterday cannot return
To undo those things we’d rather
But oh, from it we can learn
And live the best day ever
For tomorrow holds no guarantee
Let’s rejoice and live it thankfully 

The above link will take you to the source of my inspiration;)

© Janet Martin


  1. I like this a lot, Janet. I do think we each have to strive to make each day our best day ever!! If we think about that in the morning as we arise, I do think it will impact a person's day!

  2. I agree! So much of life is affected by attitude.


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