Thursday, February 16, 2012

No Other Word Like It

There is no other word quite like it
No matter where our feet may roam
There is no other word that will leave the heart stirred
Like four humble curves spelling home

The world has much wonder to offer
Of foothills and kingdoms to poem
But one square of sod holds the whisper of God
It’s the dear little box we call home

Here lies the spoil of tender-sweet toil
Here is love’s hearth, safe and warm
Here is the cup that family fills up
In a wee little haven called home

Here is a door always open
A solace from life’s heartless storm
The old kitchen chairs glow with laughter and prayers
In a humble respite called home

Here is a poor man’s palace
Here is the small child’s nest
Here is the awning of simple belonging
Here is forgiveness and rest

There is no other place quite like it
Wherever on earth we may roam
None can compare to the brick-mortar square
Of beautiful home sweet home


"Home is the most beautiful word there is"
Laura Ingalls~

I found the wall-hanging at our local dollar-store.
Beautiful words at a bargain:) H-m-m-m-m...
can one really put a price on beautiful 'home' and 'family'?
May we never take these wonderful blessing for granted
and may we always give them our utter-best!


  1. I absolutely loved it, Janet! Thanks for the read

  2. Smooth and gorgeous and true! Love it.

  3. Wonderful Janet! I love all of the connections of spirit and love~
    So fun you found this sign and the sign of watching "The Little House on the Prairie" I wonder if we can align next week ;D

    I loved it~

  4. Beautiful imagery. Of course, there’s no place like home:)


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