Thursday, December 15, 2016

December Snow Day...

Earth is a pillow, plush-quilted, snow-hushed
Time is a tide, fancy-free and un-rushed
The world is lost, tossed to fathoms of white
Dreamers don slippers and fireside’s rite

Windows frame wonderlands, snow-wonder-full
Books become barges without push and pull
Joy is a slow, sweet second-cup rebirth
Home like a foretaste of heaven on earth

Hang up your apron and blue-collar chase
Dance to the music of tea-kettle grace
Wish on a world full of jasmine-swirled stars
Winter un-stoppered from top-shelf-tipped jars

Earth is a pillow and day is a bed
Fit for the dreamer of toil-woven thread
Time is a lover with let’s-stay-home touch
Dreamers drink poetry, laughter and such

What is so fair as a snow-bound reprieve?
Summer waits where seedling fathers the sheave
Put on the kettle and log on the hearth
December snow-days are heaven on earth

© Janet Martin

This poem(I wrote it this morning before the day happened) is sort of a fantasy of what I thought today might be wasn't ;-)
Trucker-hubby has no choice but to battle the no day-dreaming here,
but a lot of praying, for him and all the others out there who have no choice; milk-truck drivers, courier services, health-workers etc.

I'm about to have my first cup of tea...for supper.


  1. Loving your latest winter photos and thoughts! We just received a substantial dose of fluffy snow, so finally feels like winter.
    And congrats on the well-deserved Top 25 award!

    1. Thank-you:) We are having winter with a vengeance right now!
      Needed to use this morning's writing time to shovel so people could get out to work and in to drop off their youngsters!


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