Friday, December 28, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Beyond those doors and windows
Within those humble walls
Are childhood’s precious shadows
And memory-tender halls

Life’s brick and mortar dwelling
If shared in unity
Is Love’s soft-glimpsed fore-telling
Of what Heaven will be

Lord, in this little journey
Wherever we may roam
May our hearts forever be
Love’s gracious home sweet home

Janet Martin~ 

We all travel this time of year, don't we?
even if simply in thought,
back to what once was...

Above is a picture of my childhood home


  1. I love this Janet! We sure do...I love the home you shared and thank you for the memories ;D
    Thanks for stopping by and the nom!
    You should write a book! Your poems instill wonderful memories~
    Happy Holidays to you!!!

  2. Thank-you Ella..and you're welcome:)

  3. Yes, looking back and looking forward gives our "little now" the love to soften the journey.


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