Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You Might be a Poet if...

Poet's turn off the computer, then turn it back on immediately because they realize one word needs to be changed...and no, it can't wait until morning.

Poets burn the candle at both ends...
...and in the middle too.

Poet's LOVE 'alphabet soup'.

Poets color!

Poet's motto...Live, laugh, love, write

A poet is someone who does not always see exactly what they are looking at...or for.

The poet's heart is never dull.

Of all the gifts whereby we're blessed
Is not the poet's gift the best?



  1. So much truth here, Janet. Yes, if one word needs to be changed, that computer MUST be turned on again!!

  2. a-a-a-h there is nothing like the voice of experience:) Three cheers for the poet!


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