Sunday, February 12, 2012

Apartment for Rent

Searching customers
Hooked on its charm
Visions of escape
With a shot in the arm...

...a weeping school-girl
An interview with hate
A confidential suggestion
A desperate trade

Ransacked apartment
Belt round her throat
Fog blurs her vision
And her last hope

‘Say-no-to-drugs’ bumper sticker
On the landlord’s mini-van
Sign in the window says
‘Apartment for rent’

© Janet Martin


  1. Heartbreaking, Janet. All too true of our times. Powerful piece.


  2. Wow. Powerful. I like how you've hinted at so much with your words and images, and left so much for the reader to put it together.


  3. Whoa didn't expect that. did very good job with it.

  4. really powerful.. like Mr.Walker said, great use of the words and images and the things left unsaid say a whole lot more too..


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